Oh, the lessons I've learned over the years. My spiritual and personal relationships have grown by leaps and bounds. I have chosen to see the good in all things, including....pain. There are no accidents, so it's important to think, 'What do I do with this? How can I use this experience to encourage others?' This has become my way of viewing life and life lessons.

deep lunge

With my husband of 39 years, our daughters, my son from my previous marriage and a large extended family...I'm old enough to have plenty of life experiences behind me, and smart enough to know that each one can be a lesson, a step, a victory. Because of my own physical pain, I sought to learn as much as I could about how the body was designed to move, and how the mindset would impact our ability to carry that out.

What I came to realize was that in all life areas, your mindset is key. You can either have movement in an area of your life, or be trapped or paralyzed. Cool thing is, we get to choose! YOU get to choose!

As a certified life and business coach, personal fitness professional, nutrition coach, entrepreneur, writer, TV/radio fitness expert, and talk show host (Whew!), I'm here to get that message out on as many levels as I can.

Using my years of training, unique experiences and many life lessons, I always believe, I strive to live and I'm committed to coach clients with a "glass half full" perspective and my "Five Master Keys" TM approach. Believing that change begins in your mind, I say I'm "training the mind to train the body" to not just DO, but to BE. If you desire a true lifestyle transformation, let's dig deep and still have fun making that happen.


I love working closely with female (and male) entrepreneurs, executives and professionals, partnering with and supporting them to take a lifestyle that sounds like a disjointed band, to achieve a lifestyle that is orchestrated well. The goal is to master one of the greatest gifts of all, Wellness, the whole of you you are.

My clients experience life-changing results. The benefits of focus, motivation, accountability, inspired action, and success enhances their business and personal lives, giving them increased energy and eliminates time-wasting pity-parties!

I help individuals discover and practice a lifestyle they can live....abundantly!"


One client reports in her client log:

I feel SO proud of myself!  Of course, it was a great start to the day when I could fit into my old jeans! WOW!!!!  

It's my calling. To Love. Who knew a 5-day Mindset Shift Challenge, coupled with a huge job change, that WOULD have potentially been devastating, would lead me to the doorstep of fully realizing...... my calling? THAT is exciting. THAT is what I'm talking about!

Man. I see so much more now how all these parts and pieces go together. It's not "just about weight loss."  - Lindy

Another states:

I've realized when someone sees changes or senses changes in you, they may push  against these changes , or against the boundaries you are implementing.  I've seen this before in other areas of putting up boundaries,  but realizing it in personal growth, maturity area has me feeling good  about the direction I'm walking in. I want to cultivate this even more.

I love the more peace in my life💖 - Linda

What could your client log say about your transformation? Let's first discuss where to start, with a TRIAGE Breakthrough Session.

Get clear. Get coached. Get Simple Step just 90 minutes!


I'm excited for your JOYous possibilities and next steps! 

Deni’s certifications include:

* Comprehensive Coaching U - Comprehensive Coach
* People Academy as a Life and Business Coach - People Model™ Licensed Practitioner
* Coaches Console - Bootcamp Momentum Coach; Accelerator Coach

* National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a Personal Fitness Trainer - NASM-CPT; Corrective Exercise Specialist – NASM-CES
* American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a Personal Fitness Trainer – ACE-CPT; Behavior Change Specialist - CBCS
* Cooper Institute (CIAR) as a Physical Fitness Specialist – CIAR-CPFS

Deni is committed to helping others see the "glass half-full" to be ready to receive all that is in store for them. She is the Founder and Host of ChatZ From the Bridge, her radio show and podcast that takes listeners to a breakthrough bridge, and gives them tips to cross over.

Deni was seen on the TV series, "To Life" with Dr. Kenneth Cooper, as the fitness expert demonstrating exercises and giving great tips on fitness. She has been featured on local news and local and national radio, as well as newspapers and trade magazines.

Deni has spoken to intimate groups of 5, select retreat groups of women, over 100 in a series group, to over 400 Apostolic elders from 40 different countries. 

Her platform may change, but her purpose remains the same: change, transformation, JOY!



Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide has honored Deni for leadership and achievement in her industry and profession.




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Certified Comprehensive Coach

Certified People Model Practitioner


Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist

Certified Personal Trainer

Longevity Wellness Specialist

Behavior Change Specialist


Nutrition Coach

Certified Bootcamp Momentum Coach

Certified Accelerator Coach