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Does your lifestyle need a solution?

Your lifestyle is how you live life every day. Being at a leadership level is now a big part of that. But when you are struggling in one area of your life, there can be a negative impact on how you show up in the other areas of your life as well. How you walk that out can be challenging and downright unhealthy. In fact, what I hear women in leadership say is that they:

  • feel stuck in life or being their true self at this level
  • want to avoid or have begun to have health/physical concerns, including weight gain and little aches and pains
  • know they need to eat healthier and exercise, but sticking with it is another story
  • don’t always feel confident in front of people as a leader; their image screams “Out of control!”
  • struggle with finding time to have deep relationships, and having fun in general because there's "just no time" at this level
  • feel they have a perfectionist mindset to do and be all, and just can’t anymore

They tell me, "I want to get healthy and feel good! I've got to be able to do what's next for me!" 


How about you?

If you relate to any of these statements,

your lifestyle needs a solution!



Through my workshops and coaching programs, I help women in leadership define and align who they are in life and leadership, from purpose. Then I walk them through simple step solutions to “be’ this in all areas of their life. We address their health concerns with mindful eating, exercise, and accountability. We address draining relationships by defining their own excellence and the freedom to choose that, along with setting boundaries for a more effective lifestyle overall.

The result is the confidence to be a leader from who they are, moving forward in a body that moves better and feels fit and healthy with less or no pain. They take back control and feel confident in establishing relationships and environments to support this new mindset and lifestyle. "I just can't anymore," turns into "I totally can!" They enjoy the journey, all while having fun. Did I mention a lifestyle of greater ease and...JOY?

When you are confident in who you are, when you're healthy and feel good emotionally, physically, relationally, and even spiritually...you know what you bring to life's table. You know how to show up every day. You know what you bring to this new level of leadership you're in because you are confident. This confidence helps you to know how to best approach each situation that comes up. You'll know who you need to be in that situation and are confident in your ability to do what's next for you. 

Bye-bye perfectionist mindset!


So tell me...Where is your greatest challenge today?

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I can tell you from personal experience what trying to live life out of alignment with my core values is like. I can tell you exactly what not living with passion from purpose feels like. I can tell you what struggling with my identity looks like, and how trying to do all.the.things in a leadership role like that does not work! Let's talk! Together we will find and implement, not just solutions, but simple step solutions for your best lifestyle! Because once we define the bridge you're facing, you must know how to cross it. Crossing it with confidence, walking in your strengths, being in alignment across your life with your core values...is such a JOY! Check out what others have experienced during our time together.

There is no greater JOY!

What's your first next step?  Get a Bridge to Breakthrough private or TRIAGE session to get clear on what your bridge is right now, AND together, let's walk through some of your next steps. This is a 90-minute, to-the-point, laser-focused session that will allow you to walk away with a simple step solution strategy for one key area in your life. Don't worry. You'll be totally prepared. I'll have you complete a questionnaire in advance for me to review. This way, we can use our time together wisely...zeroing in on what matters to you most right now. You'll gain clarity and feel confident to take action right away on a specific plan. This could be YOUR lifestyle solution! You can get more information HERE.

I mean, really. You can go from this:

To this:

Get started today!

I look forward to helping you cross that bridge into JOY. It's time to cross over healthy, whole, and feeling goooood!



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“With Deni’s coaching, in just 90 minutes we developed a plan, executed that plan and evaluated progress making adjustments where needed. Her step-by-step process allowed me to stay focused and ultimately achieve all desired outcomes. I have no doubt that the success I experienced would not have occurred without Deni’s coaching.”

Amy Gruber, Founder and Career Coach Expert

"The two greatest strategies I received from coaching were learning to work from my strengths and learning how to identify and reverse thought patterns that are negative or unhelpful. I think in the past, I was so busy setting up some ideal of what I needed to do or be in order to be successful that I didn't realize there is not a one-size-fits-all model. God created me with a unique set of strengths, and learning how to develop and use what He has given me is the way I reach success in any given area. I was looking for a new path, but what I found was a different way of walking. The way is getting lighter as I shed the weight of things I was never intended to carry with me. 

Thank you for walking those steps with me this summer and helping me to see and walk differently."


"I am committed (to this process) because my life is changing. Not only do I feel better physically, I feel more life, more hope and more joy in my every day living."

Donna Anderson


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